All equipment and technology, including digital retinal photography, necessary for an NHS eye examination is available and completely FREE of charge to all patients.


Optomap Retinal Imaging


In April 2002 we were among the first in the UK to obtain this unique and unsurpassed retinal scanner. Optos, the Dunfermline based manufacturer created this revolutionary improvement in retinal examination which has become a global success but because of cost, remains a rarity in the UK.

We are delighted to offer the undisputed benefits of this service to our clients. As this is beyond the NHS budget there is a small but optional charge.



Heidelberg Engineering Retinal Scan Optical Coherent Tomography (OCT)


Heidelberg OCT is a world leader in showing the different layers under the surface of the retina and optic nerve head. This is particularly useful in the early detection of retinal disease such as macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. It can also detect the first signs of glaucoma which can otherwise be missed.

By using this advanced technology when we find anything suspicious we can forward the images for expert ophthalmologists opinion and you can be confident that everything is being done to preserve your best possible vision. We will always go beyond the minimum in eye care and search out the latest technology to benefit our clients.

We are one of only two practices in Scotland which currently offer this service and again there is a small but optional cost.