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Often the first thing people will notice upon meeting you, is your spectacles. Eyewear can tell so much about your character and personality as well as allowing the best possible vision. Regardless if you have many specs or just one pair, we will guarantee they fit properly and are comfortable. Throughout their useful life adjustments and minor repairs are free of charge.

As independent optometrists we source frames at affordable prices with no compromise on quality.

Complete spectacles from only £19.00, with an NHS voucher




It is our responsibility to ensure every lens we dispense conforms exactly to your individual prescription and fitting. We take this very seriously and every lens undergoes a six point check for accuracy and quality. Our staff reject anything which does not meet our standards of perfection. With the latest technology, there are many options to fulfil the simplest to the most complicated prescription. We are here to offer professional and unbiased advice with no pressure on any purchase. We do not use substandard or discontinued lenses.

We offer FREE glasses to children and while you are in full time education


Single Vision

Lenses which use a single prescription across the surface of the lens. They correct straight forward short sight, long sight or the need for reading glasses, all with or without astigmatism.



Lenses with two distinct sections to correct two areas of vision without the need for separate spectacles.


Varifocals or Multifocals

Lenses which have a variable prescription across the surface of the lens and allow clear vision at all distances without the need for at least three separate pairs of spectacles. Bifocals and varifocals are lenses which are usually only required in later life.

Every lens has the option of simple or sophisticated curvature, thinner and lighter materials and single or multiple coatings to improve appearance and performance. Most lenses can be tinted or can variably darken with sunlight.

All lenses carry our no quibble guarantee of quality and performance.